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Dr. Deborah Lightner: Incontinence

On Saturday, February 18th our guest was Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Deborah Lightner discussing incontinence. Medical Edge Weekend 2-18-12  

Dr. Daniel Elliott on Urology Issues including Incontinence

This Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic urologist, Dr. Daniel Elliott. Medical Edge Weekend 3-19-11 To see Dr. Elliott talking about female incontinence, click here.

Dr. Matthew Gettman on Urological Issues

This Saturday’s Medical Edge Weekend program is a “best of” with Dr. Matthew Gettman on urological issues. Medical Edge Weekend 1-1-11

Dr. Matthew Gettman on Urology

This Medical Edge Weekend feautres Mayo Clinic urologist, Dr. Matthew Gettman discussing prostate health. Medical Edge Weekend 7-24-10

Dr. Daniel Elliott on Incontinence and Other Urological Issues

This Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Daniel Elliott on incontinence and other urological issues. Medical Edge Weekend 3-27-10

Prostate and Urologic Health

This Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend program focuses on urologic health, especially the prostate.  Your host Dr. Tom Shives and co-host Dr. Deborah Rhodes talk with Mayo Clinic urologist, Dr. David Patterson. Medical Edge Weekend 9-5-09