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Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Norm Turner joined us to discuss the foot.  We discussed all sorts of conditions that can go wrong with the foot and talked about how to choose properly fitted shoes. Listen in to find out if flip-flops are harmful to our feet.  (Hint: I need to go shopping for new summer footwear!) Medical edge […]

Food Addiction

Dr. Jon O. Ebbert joined us to discuss food addiction.  Is there such a thing and does is account for the epidemic of obesity?  What are the similarities between drug addiction and “food addiction?”  What are the controversies surrounding the conceptualization of “food addiction”?  We also learned about The Flab Four; (the four foods that make you fat) rice, bread, […]


Dr. Michael J. Hogan joined us to discuss hypertension.  High blood pressure is painless and causes 1 million deaths a year in the United States.  It can lead to heart disease, kidney failure, strokes and dementia.  We talked about the latest in diagnoses and treatment. Medical edge Weekend – Full Show – 44min mp3

Organ Transplants

This weekend Dr. Charles Rosen and Dr. Richard Daly joined us to discuss organ and tissue donation and transplantation. You can register to become a donor or learn more at Life Source or by calling 888-5-DONATE. Click here for the full Medical edge Weekend show – 44 min mp3

Varicose Veins

Dr. Peter Gloviczki  joined us to discuss Varicose Veins including the complications, prevention, and treatment options  including sclerotherapy and laser surgeries. Click here for the full Medical Edge Weekend show on Varicose Veins – 44min mp3 Click here to see what happened on Facebook during “Medical edge Weekend – 7/14/12 Varicose Veins” Follow the #mayoradio Twitter […]

Mt. Everest Expedition

Our guests on Medical Edge were Dr. Bruce D. Johnson, Dr. Bryan Taylor and Dr. Amine Issa who recently returned from a trek up Mt. Everest.  They were researching what happens to the body when at a higher altitude in the hopes of using what they learned to help patients diagnosed with heart and lung diseases. Click […]

Dermatology ~ Melanoma

This episode of Medical Edge featured dermatologist Dr. Jerry Brewer talking about skin cancer.  Do sunscreens really help?  What is the latest news on the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma?  How often should I see a dermatologist?  Dr. Brewer has the answers to these questions and many more. Full Show 6-4-11 Follow the Facebook […]

Palliative Care (Previously recorded program)

The Medical Edge program for Memorial Day weekend was a repeat of an earlier program featuring Dr. Timothy Moynihan and Dr. Elise Carey discussing Palliative Care.  Palliative care offers pain and symptom management as well as emotional and spiritual support when patients face chronic, debilitating or life-threatening illness. This program originally aired on January 28,2012

Rheumatology ~ Arthritis

This program featured Dr. John Davis from Mayo Clinic Rochester talking about arthritis.  We discussed the different types of arthritis and how a diagnoses is made.  We also discussed the different medications available for treatment of arthritis -including glucosamine chondroitin and the latest treatments for rhuematoid arthritis. Take part in two Arthritis Action Month Facebook chats: […]

Neurology ~ Stroke prevention

The April 28th Medical Edge Weekend program featured Dr. Robert Brown of Mayo Clinic talking about stroke.  A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted.  When the blood flow is not restored, brain cells begin to die.   We discussed how to determine if someone is having a stroke, how to […]