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Dr. Robert Rizza joined us to discuss diabetes.  As the population ages and obesity issues continue to increase; diabetes is becoming a more serious problem.  What is diabetes and what will happen if it is not managed? Miss this show? Click here for Medical Edge Radio Full Show 11-17-12 44min mp3

Drs. Donald Hensrud and Maria Collazo-Clavell on Diabetes

This Medical Edge Weekend program features Mayo Clinic physicians Dr. Donald Hensrud and Dr. Maria Collazo-Clavell on diabetes. Medical Edge Weekend 11-5-11

Dr. Bart Clarke on Osteoporosis

This Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Bart Clarke discussing osteoporosis. Medical Edge Weekend 1-15-11

Dr. Robert Rizza on Diabetes

This Medical Edge Weekend program features Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Robert Rizza on diabetes. Medical Edge Weekend 11-20-10

Dr. Bryan McIver on Thyroid Disease

This Medical Edge Weekend program features Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Bryan McIver on thyroid disease. Medical Edge Weekend 10-23-10

e-Patient Dave and Dr. Victor Montori on Patient Empowerment

This Medical Edge Weekend program features patient activist Dave DeBronkart, a.k.a. “e-Patient Dave“, and Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Dr. Victor Montori on patient empowerment. For more background, see the Wikipedia entries on Dave DeBronkart and Dr. Montori. Dave is also the author of a forthcoming book, and Dr. Montori is a pioneer in the concept of Minimally […]

Dr. James McCarthy, National Kidney Month

This Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic nephrologist, Dr. James McCarthy. March is National Kidney Month. Medical Edge Weekend 3-20-10 Update: Dr. McCarthy took a few moments after the program to answer a couple of questions, on diabetes insipidus and apatite kidney stones that were tweeted to #mayoradio too late to be answered […]

Dr. Elizabeth Stewart on Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility

This Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend features Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Elizabeth Stewart on reproductive endocrinology and fertility. Medical Edge Weekend 3-13-10

Dr. Sundeep Khosla on Osteoporosis

This Saturday’s Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend will feature Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Dr. Sundeep Khosla talking about eye concerns. Medical Edge Weekend 11-7-09