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Holiday Heart Issues

You may be surprised to learn that the holidays often bring an increase in the number of heart attacks physicians treat.  A change in diet, travel, sleep and self care all contribute to this issue.  Dr. Michael Levy and Dr. Martha Grogan joined us to discuss how to prevent this from  happening and to keep your heart […]

Holiday Blues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; except for when it’s not!  On the most recent program, Dr. Mark Frye  joined us to discuss the holiday blues.  Learn some tips and strategies for coping with the stress, loneliness and possible depression many feel at this time of year. Click here for the full Medical […]

LIVE from Target Field ~ Heart Health

On this Medical Edge Weekend, we broadcast from Target Field in downtown Minneapolis during the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk.  Our guests discussed healthy hearts! Dr. Martha Grogan is a non-invasive cardiologist, heart editor of and the editor of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life.  Dr. Eric Olson is a pulmonologist who specializes […]

Dr. Martha Grogan on Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life Book

On Saturday, February 4th, Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend featured Dr. Martha Grogan talking about the new book, Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life. Medical Edge Weekend 2-4-12

Dr. Michael Ackerman on Long QT Syndrome

This Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic cardiologist, Dr. Michael Ackerman, talking about Long QT Syndrome. Medical Edge Weekend 1-7-12 To hear Dr. Ackerman talk about Long QT syndrome, click here.

Heart Health with Dr. Stephen Kopecky

This Saturday’s Medical Edge Weekend program is a “best of” on heart health with Dr. Stephen Kopecky. Medical Edge Weekend 12-31-11

Running issues: Live from the Chicago Marathon

This Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic, cardiologist Dr. Todd Miller discussing research he is doing on elite athletes and cardio issues. Medical Edge Weekend 10-8-11   In the video below you will hear from an Illinois man who’s back in the race following a severe heart condition.

Dr. Brian Shapiro on cardiac care and cardiac MRI

This Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend features Mayo Clinic cardiologist, Dr. Brian Shapiro. He discusses cardiac care and cardiac MRI. Medical Edge Weekend 10-1-11

Dr. Stephen Kopecky on Heart Disease

This Medical Edge Weekend program features Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Stephen Kopecky on heart disease. Medical Edge Weekend 5-21-11 Here’s some video of Dr. Kopecky talking about treatment for patients with high cholesterol, from Mayo Clinic’s YouTube channel.

Dr. John Graves on Hypertension and Rhabdomyolysis

This Medical Edge Weekend program features Dr. John Graves discussing hypertension and rhabdomyolysis. Medical Edge Weekend 2-19-11