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The Medical News of 2012

Join us as we discuss a few of the top medical news stories of the year past. Remember, you can listen to the program live on I Heart

Holiday Heart Issues

You may be surprised to learn that the holidays often bring an increase in the number of heart attacks physicians treat.  A change in diet, travel, sleep and self care all contribute to this issue.  Dr. Michael Levy and Dr. Martha Grogan joined us to discuss how to prevent this from  happening and to keep your heart […]

Holiday Blues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; except for when it’s not!  On the most recent program, Dr. Mark Frye  joined us to discuss the holiday blues.  Learn some tips and strategies for coping with the stress, loneliness and possible depression many feel at this time of year. Click here for the full Medical […]

Advance Directives

Dr. Ericka E. Tung joined us for a conversation about Advanced Directives.  With the holidays comes the perfect opportunity to talk about Advance Directives.  What do these include?  How are they implemented?  Is your family able to change your Directive? For more information and a great downloadable AD, click here for Honoring Choices. Miss the full […]

Food Addiction

On the next program, we’ll repeat a previous program on Food Addiction with Dr. Jon O. Ebbert .  Is there such a thing and does is account for the epidemic of obesity?  What are the similarities between drug addiction and “food addiction?”  What are the controversies surrounding the conceptualization of “food addiction”?  We also learned about The Flab Four; (the four […]


Dr. Robert Rizza joined us to discuss diabetes.  As the population ages and obesity issues continue to increase; diabetes is becoming a more serious problem.  What is diabetes and what will happen if it is not managed? Miss this show? Click here for Medical Edge Radio Full Show 11-17-12 44min mp3


Dr. James T. McCarthy from Mayo Clinic Rochester was on the show to discuss our kidneys.  We touched on all aspects of the kidneys including cysts, stones, failure, transplants and infections. You can listen to the program on I Heart Radio via our flagship station; KROC AM. Miss this show?! Don’t worry, click the link […]

In Vitro Fertilization

Dr. Dean Morbeck and Dr. Jani Jensen  joined us to talk about In Vitro Fertilization.  How and why is IVF carried out?  What are the drawbacks of IVF? Click here for Full Medical edge Radio show – 11/3/12 44min – mp3 We also spoke with Co-Director of the Mayo Nicotine Dependence Center, Dr. Richard Hurt […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Our program featured a discussion on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with Dr. Robert Auger.  Do you experience slight to moderate depression during winter?  What can be done to help?  Does light box therapy really help? Remember you can listen to the program on through our flagship station, KROC AM. Click here for Full Medical edge […]


This is a previously recorded program featuring Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Deborah Lightner discussing incontinence.  We will not be taking your calls, however if you have a question for Dr. Lightner, please click  “Leave A Comment” and we will pass it along to Dr. Lightner. Click here for Full Medical edge Radio show – 44min mp3