Celebrating 20 Years of Health Radio with Dr. Shives

After this morning’s program on hand and wrist problems, a group gathered at Victoria’s Ristorante in Rochester for a surprise party recognizing and celebrating the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Medical Edge Weekend co-host Dr. Tom Shives’ radio career.

During the week, Dr. Shives is a top orthopedic surgeon, but in June 1991 he began hosting a Saturday morning radio call-in show on KROC-AM in Rochester. The program was originally called Healthline. More than 900 episodes later, we recognized Dr. Shives’ commitment to serving through the radio program that has become Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend:

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  1. Richard Debertin
    Posted July 16, 2011 at 10:37 pm | Permalink

    Congratulations Dr. Shives. Your were my wife’s surgeon for her first surgery at Mayo a few years ago. I will never forget the day of her surgery when I was in the second or third waiting room where I had been sent. The phone rang and a voice was asking for another families members. I reported they were not in the waiting room. The voice then said Mr. Debertin this is Dr. Shives I just wanted to tell you I am done with my part of the surgery on Rosemary and it went well. I had only met you a day or two earlier you had talked to me just briefly, but yet you knew my voice on the phone and I thought I was so lost in St. Marys that I would never be found yet you knew me immediately. I still get shaky every time I tell that story about Mayo. And believe me I have told that story many times. You are an amazing Doctor and your skill meant Rosemary is doing well today. I can never thank you enough.

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